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Client: George Williams Mediation


Create professional business web presence; Logo design; Website design and development

Date: August 2021

Live site:

Project Description

George Williams is a successful contract Mediator, servicing a variety of industries including the Rural Assistance Authority.

He expressed a need for a professional online presence for his business in order to enhance his business credibility and allow his practice to be easily findable, allowing people to reach him with their enquiries.

There was no existing branding material so my initial task was to develop a logo and colour scheme. I established the best fit for George's needs was an easy to maintain site built using clean Bootstrap code with a captcha protected contact form. Tasks included website development, graphic design and stock image sourcing. Advice and guidance was provided regarding suitable domain names, website hosting options and changing electronic signatures. Assistance was also provided with setting up a custom email account and LinkedIn profile.

George Williams
George Williams
George Williams Mediation

As the hopeful but tech-ignorant would-be proprietor of a start-up business based in Sydney, I sought the assistance of Janet Davies in constructing an industry website, registering a new domain name, and establishing a social media platform. My need for assistance became crystal clear as Janet took me through the various steps and procedures required to achieve these aims which are now happily realised.

At the outset, Janet identified the part-time basis of her work and coordinated that with my changing time requirements. Janet provided succinct explanations of the processes and guided me through applications which I needed to make myself. She has been able to provide an interpretation of industry jargon, thereby affording to me some knowledge of the significance of what I needed to do. She carried out her foreshadowed tasks promptly and with apparent expertise.

I can only recommend Janet 's work strongly and with great confidence to anyone who is embarking on a project similar to mine. Her approach at all times has been that of openness and honesty. She is clearly an entrepreneur who is totally in command of the technicalities of her field of expertise and is well-equipped to steer the client's best course through those technicalities. She has adhered to her cost predictions which I found to be most reasonable.

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