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About Rogue Digital

Rogue Digital
is Janet Davies

I'm a freelance Multimedia and Front End Web Developer

With a Masters in Interactive Multimedia and extensive experience working in corporate environments I'm able to bring the knowledge needed, along with years of experience in producing high-end professional work, to your business.

Need assistance with your digital project?

There's a good chance I can help.

Having been involved in front end web development and CMS migration, the production and post-production of marketing and e-Learning videos, UX/user experience and pretty much the entire Adobe Master Suite, I can provide you with a one-stop solution for your business.

I always wanted to be a web developer when I grew up.

Or I would have if that job existed back then!

Instead, I picked up a Chemistry Degree and a stack of transferrable skills working in a variety of industries.

I gained a solid chunk of experience in PowerPoint production for high-end global finance and consulting companies in Sydney and London. I enjoyed the need for meticulous attention to detail and accurate brand application in those jobs but I found myself yearning for something more demanding.

In the mean time the internet had flourished. I had tinkered with coding since websites first appeared and decided to explore turning a hobby into a job. I studied my Masters in Interactive Multimedia which gave me a good overview of digital agency work as well as practical experience in coding, UX design, graphics and 2D animation, video post-production and more.

In 2015 Rogue Digital was born. My range of skills and experience has allowed me to help small businesses create great websites and multimedia experiences without the complication and expense of having to find variously skilled freelancers to complete projects.

Find out how Rogue Digital can help with your next project